“Her work ethic, character, and enthusiasm are unparalleled.”
— Li Mei Huang, University Instructor

Luisa Manukyan is a graphic designer and artist based in Los Angeles. She is passionate, constantly creating, and highly motivated to do her best. She loves taking on new challenges that help her learn, grow, and have fun in the process.

 — logo design + branding
 — product + packaging design
 — marketing design
 — illustration
 — 3D design 
 — motion graphics

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“Luisa's execution is rivaled only by her drive and eye for improvement. She proactively seeks feedback, applies fundamentals, and translates goods ideas into great products. Her collaborative mindset and charisma are high tides that lifted all of us during that all-too-brief semester. She flourishes with others and opens dialogues with classmates to incorporate their perspectives and learn from critiques. Luisa actively recruits their voices and maintains respect for each idea, a rare talent consistent with a leader who speaks and listens with equal weight. She is a joy to watch and teach.”
— Li Mei Huang, University Instructor

“If you need someone to bring an idea to life and beyond your wildest dreams, Luisa is the person for it. She has unmatched talent and creativity. She is also extremely kind and easy to work with.”
—Tereza Maksudyan, owner of Sleepy Tree Studio

“Luisa Manukyan was an exceptional student in my advanced motion graphics class. She consistently looked for ways to elevate her work and was always eager to learn more. For her final project, she went above and beyond the project scope by modeling, texturing, lighting and animating all of her own assets as opposed to using what was already provided to her. She did this to advance her skillset as well as to develop more of an understanding of the core fundamentals. Luisa is the type of person I would hire because she has the skillset, but more importantly, she has the work ethic and drive to learn and always do more than just required ask.”
— Matt Moresco, Video Editor & Teacher
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email — luisa.manukyan@gmail.com
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